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Thermal & Electrical Therapy

Thermal & Electrical therapy can help relief nerve pain, muscle pain, and improve circulation

You must obtain medical care within 14 days of an auto accident in Florida

or else run the risk of your insurance company denying your claim

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What Is Thermal Therapy?

Thermal therapy treatment safely heats tissue in order to promote healing with depths of penetration that are not provided with other treatment options. The chiropractor uses a non-invasive applicator to deliver an exact dose of molecular hyperthermia, which increases blood flow, allowing for more efficient delivery of oxygen and nutrients and toxin removal to the targeted area. This treatment helps to alleviate pain, accelerate the healing process and improve muscle performance.

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What Is Electrical Therapy?

Electrical Therapy is a neuromuscular stimulator that delivers electrical signals to the body. The chiropractor uses conductive electrode pads to provide the therapeutic treatment, which typically only lasts a few minutes. During the treatment, the client will move the area that is causing issues in order to isolate the muscle groups that are troubling them. After treatment, many patients experience an increased range of motion and reduction in pain almost immediately after treatment. The number of treatments required will depend on the condition.

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